Hotels linked to criminality will be demolished - Governor Wike warns

I will demolish hotels linked to criminality in Rivers – Governor Wike warns

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Nyesom Wike, the governor of Rivers State, has vowed that he will demolish hotels hosting criminal activity intended to undermine the state. Hotels linked to criminality will be demolished - Governor Wike warns

He pledged not to tolerate any hotel or venue where cultists congregate for meetings or any other nefarious purpose.

The governor emphasized that his government had made significant investments to bring about the current level of calm and that nothing would be permitted to bring the state back to its gloomy days of instability.

Governor Wike stated this on Friday during the flag-off of the 12th flyover, which was done by Prof. Jerry Gana on Friday in the Obio/ Akpor Local Government Area.

Now, let me tell anyone who cares to listen, whether you’re in PDP, APC, you’re in SDP, you’re in Accord or any other party, if I catch you trying to breach the security in this state, you’ll go in for it. I will not allow anybody to destabilise this State. We have suffered insecurity and God has helped us together with security agencies to maintain peace. For me, whether it is true or not, I must make sure that I take action.” – the governor said.

He issued a stern warning that any hotel or event venue where criminals and cult members were permitted to congregate to plan the breach of peace would be destroyed.

So, if you know they’re using your hotel, or they’re using your drinking joint as where they’ll be holding meetings, think twice now. There is no amount of propaganda, if you like go to social media that they’re clamping down on you, that’s your business. I will not allow anybody to destabilise this state, because we have suffered insecurity and we have spent money.” – he said.

Adding that;

You can’t begin to arrange for cultists to meet in your event centres, or in your hotels. Pray that I don’t have any hint about that, if I do, I will bring down your hotel, I will bring down the event centre and I will arrest those people found there and I will prosecute them, heaven would not fall.”

Wike claimed that through building a high-caliber infrastructure in the state, his administration has been able to give the best to the people of Rivers.

Wike stated that this is the first instance in Nigeria of a government issuing contracts and putting projects into motion with fewer than ten months left in its term in office.

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