Innoson Vehicles Unveils New IVM Garbage Truck

Garbage Truck
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Nigeria’s number one automaker INNOSON VEHICLE MANUFACTURING, announced via twitter their new IVM Garbage Truck. 

The newest addition to the INNOSON vehicle line up is not an electric vehicle, neither is an SUV, Pickup Truck or Sedan but a garbage collection truck.Innoson Vehicles Unveils New IVM Garbage Truck

The Garbage Truck is completely sealed and designed to meet the needs of the sanitary market. It is developed with beautiful looks, comfortable driving, simple operation, and great dependability in mind.

The twitter posted had a picture of a bright orange colour Truck with the caption:

With the new IVM Garbage truck, cleaning up the community is a breeze. It features a movable compactor drum, wide tires, a superior handling on uneven terrain and authentic IVM decorations. To preorder, kindly DM us.

At the time of posting, the new vehicle has not been added to the company website. There are no further information regarding the Truck specifications, engine size, weight or particulars although IVM expects interested parties to DM them for pre-orders.

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