Kogi court discovers 268 ghost workers

Kogi court discovers 268 ghost workers on payroll

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The personnel verification committee, which Justice Josiah Majebi, the acting chief judge of Kogi State, established to look into the nominal roll of the state High Court, has found 268 ghost workers on the court’s payroll.Kogi court discovers 268 ghost workers

In addition to discovering 706 illegally hired employees working for the state judiciary, the committee also recommended that any “illegal” appointments made between January 2021 and June 2022 be terminated.

According to a statement released on Thursday in Lokoja, Justice Mohammed Umar, the chairman of the investigation panel, revealed this while giving Justice Majebi in Lokoja the personnel verification committee’s report.

The recruitment malpractice, in Justice Umar’s opinion, resulted in a “astronomical” increase in personnel compensation, or a 40% spike in personnel costs.

The report partly reads;

After a careful check of the names of newly-employed staff from January 2021 to June 2022, the staff disposition list and payroll, it was discovered that some of the names on the payroll could not be found on the staff disposition list of the courts and other departments. Therefore, it is an indication that though their names are on the payroll, they do not have duty stations and do not work anywhere in the inspectorate offices.”

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