My priority will be to tackle insecurity if I become president – Wike

My priority is to tackle insecurity if I become president - Wike
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Nyesom Ezenwo Wike, the governor of Rivers state, has declared that if he is elected president in 2023, his top goal will be to address the country’s growing insecurity and promote the rule of law.My priority is to tackle insecurity if I become president - Wike

Wike revealed this on Sunday, following his announcement that he will run for President of Nigeria under the Peoples Democratic Party’s platform (PDP).

Governor Wike announced his intention following a meeting with PDP stakeholders in Makurdi, Benue state, on Sunday. He claimed that addressing the country’s increasing insecurity and upholding the rule of law will be his primary priorities.

Let me thank the people of Benue for receiving me to come and talk to them. It is obvious that I am going to run for the presidency of this country. And I am declaring for the first time in Benue state because of my special relationship with them. People are merely not suspecting, but let it be known today that I am announcing it in Benue state because I have a special relationship with this state,” Wike said.

In response to questioning from media about what he would do differently if elected President, Governor Wike stated that he would approach the issue of insecurity pragmatically.

He emphasized that Service Chiefs and other heads of security agencies will be given the necessary equipment and resources to carry out their constitutional responsibilities.

They will also be given a timeframe to address the remaining insecurity, according to him, as his administration will not tolerate excuses.

Today, you can’t talk about security in this country and you must understand that without security you can’t talk about governance. One first thing that anybody who takes oath of office sworn to, is that you must protect life and property. If you can’t protect life and property then you can’t talk about governance. So that major thing is that our people should be alive,” the governor said.

The governor, who denounced the weekend terrorist incident at the Kaduna International Airport, said Nigerians urgently need a leader who can confront the country’s mounting insecurity.

Governor Wike promised that if elected, his administration would strengthen the rule of law in order to attract more direct foreign investment.

According to him, the current federal government’s disdain for the rule of law has been one of the country’s biggest obstacles to attracting direct foreign investment.

Nobody can bring investment in this country because there is no respect for the rule of law. Nobody obeys court order. Who will come and invest his money when court gives its judgement and it will not be obeyed. So, I am going to run for election and victory will be ours,” he said.



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