Ondo governor Akeredolu gives N7.5m loans to 52 widows of fallen heroes

Ondo governor Akeredolu gives N7.5m loans to 52 widows of fallen heroes
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Ondo State Governor Oluwarotimi Akeredolu says his administration has granted N7.5 million in revolving loans to 52 widows of fallen heroes.Ondo governor Akeredolu gives N7.5m loans to 52 widows of fallen heroes

On Saturday, Akeredolu made the announcement at the Armed Forces Remembrance Day commemoration at the Cenotaph in Alagbaka, Akure.

The governor explained that the gesture was made to help the widows of dead heroes so that they would be less reliant on society.

He praised the military’s achievements in the country’s fight against terrorism, banditry, and other criminal forces.

All over the world, especially in this part of the continent, every society has a unique culture of honouring their heroes. Indeed, we are here today to appreciate all our fallen heroes, both military and civilians as well, who have shed their blood for the unity and peace of this country. They, indeed, fought a good fight for sustainability of their fatherland. We are here to say well done to them and those who have been favoured to be alive till today,” he said.

The governor added;

We, on our part, without mincing words, have come to praise them, both the departed and the living, for their patriotism. They have indeed sacrificed their lives for us to know peace. They deserve our praises, they deserve our honours, and they deserve our appreciations. It would amount to doing them the greatest injustice, just to praise them with words alone, but it becomes valuable when it is backed up with our supports, financially and materially.”

Akeredolu, the Ondo governor further said that;

Since we came on board in 2017, we have been touching the lives of a considerable number of the widows of the departed heroes, through our microcredit revolving loans. Our efforts in this direction would continue under this scheme and other packages as would be deemed fit to make these widows self-employed, self-reliant and independent through capacity training with start-up packages.”

As a result, Akeredolu urged the public to support the government’s efforts by contributing financially to the legionnaires’ well-being and by engaging the services of members who are still physically fit in productive companies.

All security agencies, including the Amotekun Corps, were praised by the governor for their efforts in maintaining calm in the state.


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