Oyigbo Motor Park Dispute: Rivers Government Intervenes, Calls for Calm

Oyigbo Motor Park Dispute: Rivers Government Intervenes
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In a bid to quell tensions surrounding the Oyigbo Motor Park, the Rivers State Commissioner for Transport convened a critical meeting with representatives from the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW) and Umuwalia Community.

Oyigbo Motor Park Dispute: Rivers Government Intervenes

The meeting comes amidst a growing dispute regarding land ownership and development rights at the motor park, Hitvibz reports.

Reinforcing the Land Use Act, the Commissioner emphasised that the government holds ultimate ownership of the land, not private entities.

He urged the Oyigbo Caretaker Committee Chairman to foster collaboration with the community, ensuring they benefit through corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives.

However, the commissioner issued a firm warning, demanding a halt to all community-led projects at the motor park.

Failure to comply could lead to government intervention with potentially unfavourable consequences for the community.

Oyigbo Caretaker Committee Chairman Responds

Hon. Gogo Philip, Chairman of the Oyigbo Caretaker Committee, expressed gratitude for the Commissioner’s intervention.

He highlighted the motor park’s four-decade operation and the recent surge in land reclamation efforts by the community.

Philip presented a signed community document, claiming it encompassed the motor park.

Community Spokesperson Counters Claim

Refuting Philip’s claim, Hon. Chidi Elechi, the community spokesperson, acknowledged the document but clarified its relevance solely to the market area, not the motor park.Oyigbo Motor Park Dispute: Rivers Government Intervenes

He vowed to provide concrete evidence to substantiate his claim.

Despite the disagreements, Elechi commended the Commissioner’s efforts and pledged cooperation with the council to achieve an amicable resolution.

This collaborative approach aims to preserve peace within the Oyigbo Local Government Area.

Other key stakeholders, including Mr. Boma Toru-George, Chairman of NURTW Rivers State, were also present at the meeting.

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