Police Disrupt Uniport Students’ Protest Over Barricade Near School

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According to reports, police fired firearms this morning to break up a protest by some University of Port Harcourt students.

According to sources, the students gathered in front of the Choba Police Station on the East-West Road to protest the police’s unwillingness to remove a barricade at the school gate on a U-turn.

Since the #EndSARS protest, the tyre barricade has been at the U-turn.

The moment police officers intervened in the protest was captured on video.

Chima Nwokocha, the university’s Dean of Student Affairs, denounced the police’s actions.

Several attempts to persuade the police to dismantle the barricade had previously failed, he informed our correspondent.

Mr Nwokocha further claimed that after his involvement, some of the students who had been arrested, including the president of the Student Union Government, were released.

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