Lady dumped by her husband builds her own house after 4 years of riding bike

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A Kenyan woman who was forced to restart her life when her husband deserted her has overcome all difficulties to become a homeowner in just four years.How lady dumped by her husband built a house after 4 years of riding bike

Eunice Otieng never pictured herself as a landlord after her husband left her for another woman in 2017.

She was dealing with a number of issues at the time, one of which was that her ex-husband had left her with large loans to service.

The mother of one, on the other hand, picked up the pieces, created several new enterprises, and is now able to build her own home.

The mother of one, who spoke with in an interview described how she and her daughter were forced to leave their home after the landlord shuttered it due to months of rent arrears.

Otieng, who works as a nurse, said she chose to start working as a commercial motorbike rider since she is a tough woman.Lady dumped by her husband builds her own house after 4 years of riding bike

I almost ran mad with my small salary. I had no option but to think about how to start life from zeros. I had a motorcycle which I took and I started boda boda job,” she said.

Because her nurse’s paycheck was going towards repaying the loans she incurred for her ex-husband, she worked night shifts and hustled as an motorbike rider during the day.

In 2018, she put up N94,000 and launched a micro business. She began construction on her home after purchasing a plot of land before her marriage.

I decided that I will work hard for my baby to get the best. I think I was working hard with a lot of anger to change my life. That’s why I was able to finish the house,” Otieng said.

She had money set aside for her kid and decided to put it toward the rents, which she recently completed.

According to the diligent Busia mother, she gave the rents to her 5-year-old daughter to help her recover from the pain of their landlord closing their residence owing to rent arrears.

Eunice Otieng

Eunice Otieng and her daughter

I gifted her the houses to wipe the tears we cried when the landlord was locking our house. I vowed to make her a landlady at this tender age,” she said.


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