Eneka Serial Killings Debunked: Rivers Police Clarify Situation

Eneka Serial Killings Debunked: Rivers Police Clarify Situation

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The Rivers State Police Command has vehemently denied the recent reports suggesting a spate of serial killings in the Eneka axis of Port Harcourt.Eneka Serial Killings Debunked: Rivers Police Clarify Situation

The police spokesperson in Rivers State, Grace Iringe-Koko, clarified the situation during a press conference held on Monday, debunking the security alert that had been circulating online.

Contrary to the viral message that claimed at least ten individuals were brutally murdered and others injured or missing in the past 24 hours, the police department has categorically stated that these reports are entirely false and should be regarded as baseless rumors.

The police spokesperson emphasized that there have been no recorded incidents of serial killings in the Eneka area.

The alarming security alert advised the public to avoid any movements in the Eneka axis during nighttime, citing the alleged killings as a cause for concern.

However, the police command urges citizens to disregard this misinformation and reassures them of the overall safety and security in the area.

In a separate development, Cyprian Nyema-Worianwo, the President of the Eneka Youth Association, has also dismissed the rumors claiming that the community had instructed shop owners to close their businesses on Saturday.

Nyema-Worianwo emphasized that no such directive was issued and urged residents and business owners to carry on with their daily activities without fear or apprehension.

The Rivers State Police Command has initiated a thorough investigation into the origin and dissemination of the false information, emphasizing the need for accurate reporting and responsible sharing of news.

The police department urges the public to rely on official statements and verified sources for credible information, rather than succumbing to unverified social media messages that can cause unnecessary panic and unrest in the community.

The Rivers State Police Command remains committed to ensuring the safety and security of all residents and will continue to work diligently to maintain peace and harmony in the region.

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