Police arrest Uniport student for fatally stabbing girlfriend to death

Police arrest Uniport student for fatally stabbing girlfriend to death

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A 24-year-old student from the University of Port Harcourt has been apprehended by the Edo State Police for stabbing his girlfriend to death.Police arrest Uniport student for fatally stabbing girlfriend to death

The Commissioner of Police in Edo, Mr. Muhammed Dankwara, addressed the media on Tuesday in Benin to provide details of the distressing event.

According to Dankwara, the police were alerted to the situation by the suspect’s landlord, who reported the horrifying incident.

The landlord revealed that the student had mercilessly stabbed the young woman multiple times in the neck and chest using a knife.

Swift police action ensued immediately, leading to the apprehension of the suspect.

Tragically, the victim’s life could not be saved, and her body was transported to a morgue following the incident.

During the investigation, law enforcement officers retrieved two blood-stained knives, along with personal belongings of the suspect including two iPhones, a Nokia phone, a laptop, and two ATM cards.

The case has been transferred to the homicide division of the State Criminal Investigation Department, Benin, with preparations being made for the suspect to face charges of murder.

Remarkably, the suspect provided an unsettling account of the events that transpired.

He disclosed that the deceased had traveled from Asaba to spend time with him in Benin, but a disturbing discovery led to a heated argument.

He claimed to have found fetish substances in her possession, which escalated into a violent confrontation resulting in both parties being wounded.

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