You can not collect prayer assignments without your PVC – OPM Pastor

You can not collect prayer assignments without your PVC - OPM Pastor
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The General Overseer of Omega Power Ministry, OPM, Pastor Chibuzor Chinyere, has issued a serious warning to his church members regarding their PVC and the 2023 general elections.You can not collect prayer assignments without your PVC - OPM Pastor

Members of the OPM church will no longer be able to receive prayer assignments from the church without presenting their Permanent Voters Card, PVC, according to the man of God.

This came after Apostle Chibuzor gave out all 300 branches of his church in Nigeria to the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC for use as PVC registration and collection centers free of charge.

In a statement issued on his Facebook page yesterday, the OPM Pastor further stated that no trader will be permitted to sell at the OPM Divine Market without PVC.

The pastor also demanded that all scholarship students in Nigeria must submit their PVC within seven days to revalidate their scholarship, and that everyone visiting OPM Free Specialist Hospitals present their PVC before registering as well.

His statement reads;

“From today, you can not collect prayer assignments without showing your PVC.
All traders in OPM Divine market will not be permitted to sell in the market if he or she does not have PVC. Remember! everyone selling in OPM Divine market doesn’t pay for shop.
Apostle Chibuzor gave all the shops free of charge and 90 percent of more than 120 traders there were given money by Apostle Chibuzor to start the business.
In OPM, for more than 11 years, the welfare office of OPM has been attending to people with different needs every week for 12 years now. But, from now on, before you come for any form of assistance to the OPM Welfare Department, you must come with your PVC.
Without PVC, security will not give you tag. All students on scholarship in Nigeria must present their PVC in 7 day to revalidate their scholarship. Without your PVC, your next school fees will not be paid by OPM.
Those on overseas, your parents and guardians must present there PVC to Welfare Department for revalidation of your scholarship before 7 days.
All parent that their children attend OPM free schools have 7 days to get their PVC to revalidate their children’s admission in OPM free schools.
Everyone coming to OPM Free Specialist Hospitals, before you register, you must present your PVC and that of your husband. Without your PVC, you will not be registered and old patients have 7 days to present there PVC.
A 7 days notice is hereby, given to all those residing at the 18 OPM free estates to get their PVC or, relocate out of the free estate.
All the repentant Armed robbers, kidnappers, cultists etc, undergoing rehabilitation at the OPM rehabilitation centers also have 7 days to get their PVC or have their rehabilitation suspended and you will be evicted out.
All the repentant sex workers undergoing rehabilitation have 7 days to get their PVC or you will be evicted from the rehabilitation centers.
I’m trying to get the church lawyers on phone to find out what the law says about staff working for OPM, so we don’t go against the law.
For now, I can only penalize those benefiting from OPM free programmes, not OPM staff.
By the grace of God, this time, our country must work.


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