How kidnappers impregnated lady lured with fake job offer

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A terrible story about a lady lured with fake job offer and ended up in a ritualist’s cave, where she was also impregnated by her abductors.Lady lured with fake job offer

Mercy, a 24-year-old woman from Warri, Delta State, has escaped from a den of ritual killers after being seduced with a phony attractive job offer in Italy.

The victim and her friend were allegedly lured to Lagos in October 2020 by a woman who promised to sponsor them to Italy, where they would work as sales attendants in stores and stewards for wealthy clients for a high salary.

Mercy and her friend, who is now died, were ultimately reunited with team members of the woman who was supposed to transport them to Europe in a residence in Surulere, according to Sahara Reporters.

They were given drugged juice and taken to a jungle, where they were abused by gun-wielding guys in various ways.

They were forced to suffer several days of famine in addition to being subjected to several hours of r*pe per day.

They were only allowed to eat two slices of bread every three days and were forced to drink from a filthy pond deep inside the forest.

According to Mercy’s guardian, Maureen Eriyo, who narrated the ordeal;

Many of the young ladies lured by this syndicate died of hunger and diseases from the dirty water they drank while in the forest. Their body parts were sold to ritualists who constantly demanded such. A lady who got pregnant and delivered there died but the baby survived. The gang used the innocent child for rituals along with the mother’s body.”

Mercy, her late friend, and two others were able to flee the den after spending nearly nine months there.

They traveled for three days inside the forest before locating an expressway, where they were unwillingly carried by a truck driver delivering food to Lagos.

Mercy’s friend, who had introduced her to the Italy trip, died tragically when they were fleeing the area.

Mercy returned to Warri last Thursday and gave birth by Caesarean section on Sunday. She was impregnated by her captors, who took turns to r*pe her and other ladies in the bush. Others like her who got pregnant in that forest and delivered there had their babies collected from them for ritual purposes,” Eriyo added.



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