How lady showed up for job aptitude test she wasn’t invited for, got the job

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Inspirational or courageous you may say as Nigerian lady shows up for job aptitude test she wasn’t invited for and got the job.job aptitude test

After months of failed job hunting, a Nigerian lady named Uche Anaekwe has finally landed a new aviation job.

Uche revealed that she was chosen after showing up for an aviation employment aptitude exam to which she had not been invited.

The lady learned about the position from a friend she met on social media who was asked to take the test, but unfortunately, the individual did not get the job.Lady shows up for job aptitude test she wasn't invited for and got the job


She said;

I took a bold and courageous leap of faith, went for an aptitude test I wasn’t invited for, and the rest they say is history. They say that when opportunity meets preparedness, success is bound to happen.”

Meanwhile, Uche was grateful to her social media acquaintance for informing her of the job change as she officially becomes licensed cabin crew of Dana Air.

I’m forever grateful to Maryam Adeleke for being an amazing friend to me even when she didn’t have to.”

job aptitude test

Hitvibz, on the other hand, learned that, despite being invited to the job aptitude test, her friend Maryam did not make the final cut.


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