I’ll be leaving office fulfilled, happy that we’ve not disappointed Rivers people – Wike

I'll be leaving office fulfilled, happy that we've not disappointed Rivers people - Wike
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Governor Nyesom Ezenwo Wike has stated that he will be leaving office in May with a sense of fulfilment that he has not disappointed the people of Rivers State.I'll be leaving office fulfilled, happy that we've not disappointed Rivers people - Wike

In order to capitalize on the infrastructure improvement of the previous seven years, the governor has urged the people of Rivers to support the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) candidates for governor, National, and state legislator in the general elections.

The governor made this statement on Tuesday during the inspection of the ongoing dualization of the flyovers at Mgbuoba-NTA-Choba, Rumuola-Rumuokuta, and Azikiwe-lloabuchi Roads in Port Harcourt.

Governor Wike claimed that the large number of Rivers residents who flocked to the streets to applaud him at the various project sites is proof that he fulfilled his promise to them and did not let them down.

You can see the happiness radiating in their faces, that makes us happy that the people are happy with us. That means when government or leaders have made promises they should be able to fulfill their promises. I think we can say with all good authority, we are happy and we can go home satisfied that we have not disappointed our people. That is the major thing for me, that you’re going home not disappointed that you made promises to the people and you didn’t fulfill the promises.” – he said.

Governor Wike said that it is unique in the history of the nation for a government to continue be kicking off and commissioning new projects with only four months left in its term before leaving office.

We are still flagging off new projects which is key, and people are asking what kind of government are these people. For the first time in the history of Nigeria, a government is commissioning and flagging off more projects when they have less than four months to leave.” – Wike said.

The governor urged Rivers voters to make sure they cast a sizable number of ballots for PDP candidates for governor, National, and state legislature in the February and March elections. The governor remains confident that his administration would end successfully.

He underlined that supporting the PDP’s candidates for governor and legislator will ensure the consolidation and durability of the infrastructure development his administration has achieved over the past seven years.

It is unprecedented, but again, Rivers people deserve the best. That is why we are saying to Rivers people with what we have done, we are preaching for consolidation.” – the governor said.

The governor added that some naysayers had wondered where the State would obtain the finances to complete the projects when, during his second term, his administration began construction of twelve flyovers.

We are doing Flyovers at the same time carrying out other projects in the State. Today, we completed ten flyovers and commissioned them, remaining two.” – he said.

Julius Berger, according to the governor, has pledged to submit the three projects under inspection to the State government for commissioning before his term in office ends.

Berger has promised that we will commission these projects before we leave office, and that is in fulfilment of the promise we made to our people that no one project will be left abandoned.” – Wike said.


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