Military coup attempt foiled in Gambia - Gov't

Military coup attempt foiled in Gambia – Gov’t

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The federal government of Gambia claimed to have prevented a military takeover of the nation.Military coup attempt foiled in Gambia - Gov't

The administration also reported that three alleged accomplices were at large and that four soldiers had been detained in connection with the attempted coup d’état.

No gunshots have been heard, and there are no indications that loyalist forces have been sent to safeguard vital areas, according to a BBC report.

The government claimed that the situation is completely under control and that military reservists have been placed on standby.

President Adama Barrow, who was elected to a second term last year, was overthrown on Tuesday, but it’s unclear exactly who was behind the attempt.

The Gambia is a largely tranquil nation in West Africa that attracts tourists for its beaches and wildlife.

In a surprise victory in the 2016 election, Mr. Barrow upset President Yahya Jammeh, who had held office for a long time.

Although Mr. Jammeh was driven into exile in Equatorial Guinea, he continues to hold significant power in The Gambia, one of Africa’s tiniest nations.

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