Rivers govt vows to sanction Rep member over illegal oil bunkering

Rivers govt vows to sanction Rep member over illegal oil bunkering
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Rivers State Government has declared that no amount of threats will stop them from bringing charges against Hon. Chinyere Igwe, the lawmaker for Port Harcourt Federal Constituency II, whose filling station was shut down for engaging in illegal oil bunkering activities.Rivers govt vows to sanction Rep member over illegal oil bunkering

This information was provided by the Chief of Staff to Rivers State Governor, Emeka Woke at a rally for Permanent Voters Cards held by the Grassroots Development Initiative, a pro-PDP organization, in Mogho, the Gokana local government area of the state.

Woke reiterated that the State government is required by the Constitution to take strong action against anyone who is causing harm to the Nigerian economy.

Woke made this claim in a statement released by his media office and provided to newsmen on Monday.

Anybody who allows his business premises to be used for illegal oil bunkering, that premises will be shut down. Whoever allows his hotel to harbour criminals bent of destabilising the state, we will deal with you according to the law.”

Woke cautioned the federal legislator to stop deceiving the public with false accusations that he was being politically victimized while asking with him to submit himself to security agents for questioning.

He also attacked Igwe for criticizing State Governor Nyesom Wike, claiming that the federal lawmaker would have lost all political influence if it weren’t for the governor’s kindness.

I listen to Chinyere Igwe yesterday talking about ingratitude. A man who had been retired politically. This is the man who spent only one term in the House of Representatives and came back home. The immediate past governor of Rivers State, Rotimi Amaechi, chased him out of Port Harcourt and he ran to Abuja.” – he said.

Woke added that;

He even contested on the platform of ACN then, and lost woefully. When we had mobilised GDI and had strengthened the party (Peoples Democratic Party), we brought him back and those of them whom he said he is speaking for now. None of them were foundation members of GDI. And His Excellency, the governor gave him platform, first as a Commissioner and then to the National Assembly, even though he didn’t win the primary. And today, he is talking about ingratitude.”

Woke also encouraged the state’s media outlets to remain impartial, follow journalism ethics, and avoid being utilized as distributors of unreliable fake news.

The Gokana residents who attended the GDI rally in large numbers were praised by the chief of staff for their unwavering loyalty and support to the Wike administration.

Governor Wike’s decision to dualize the over 31-kilometer Saakpenwa-Kono Road, according to Woke, is a clear demonstration of his love and gratitude for the Ogoni people’s support over the years.

Siminalaye Fubara, the PDP candidate for governor in Rivers State, advised the populace to zealously keep their PVC in advance of the general elections in 2023.

The PDP leader in the state, Ambassador Desmond Akawor, also praised GDI for educating the populace on the value of the PVC.

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