Rivers: Police ban sirens, revolving lights, covered plate numbers

Police ban use of sirens, spy number plates in Rivers
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The Rivers State Police Command has officially put a ban on the use of sirens, spinning lights, spies and covered number plates unpermitted and unauthorized persons in the state.Police ban sirens, revolving lights, covered plate numbers in Rivers

The restriction was required, according to state police commissioner Friday Eboka, because certain people are committing crimes in the state with the specified items.

He pointed out that Usman Alkali, the Inspector General of Police, has previously warned against the misuse and indiscriminate use of sirens, revolving lights, surveillance and covered number plates without proper authorization.

A team has been formed to implement the restriction, according to the police commissioner.

Nnamdi Omoni, the command’s spokesperson, said a taskforce led by ACP Jepthan Nengi has been established to ensure full compliance with the ban.

Omoni emphasized that no effort will be spared in enforcing the ban on the use of sirens, and he issued a one-week deadline for violators to dismantle the prohibited facilities from their vehicles.

He called on residents of the state, particularly banks, companies, private individuals, and security personnel except those on covert operations to comply.


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