Rivers votes are not for dash anymore – Wike to PDP Presidential Candidate

Rivers votes are not for dash anymore - Wike to PDP Presidential Candidates
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The governor of Rivers State, Nyesom Ezenwo Wike, has stated that the state’s votes in the general election of 2023 will be cast where a specific reward is assured for such support.Rivers votes are not for dash anymore - Wike to PDP Presidential Candidates

The governor lamented that Rivers State had given the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) more votes than any other State since 1999, but that this support had never been acknowledged because there were no obvious advantages in the form of federal government projects.

The remarks were made by Governor Wike on Tuesday during the official opening of the Rivers State University’s Etche Campus in the Abara town of the Etche Local Government Area.

The governor also flag-off the construction of Ultra-modern 2 storey building that would house staff quarters with two and three bedrooms on the campus

Enough of this support, the governor stated, for the State won’t be content with scraps and will bravely bargain for what is appropriate for its position.

At the appropriate time, we will take decision on what to do. This is because since 1999, I want Rivers people to reflect on this, ponder over it, we brought the highest votes to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).” – Wike said.

Governor Wike further stressed;

I challenge any State to say they brought more votes for the PDP. I challenge any State to say, in terms of support, for the PDP. Which State has given more support than Rivers State? Is there anyone? Since 1999, show me one federal project in Rivers State. Is there anyone? So, if you want our votes, then tell me what you will give Rivers people. Our votes are not for dash anymore.”

The governor of Rivers State recounted how, during the 2019 general elections, several of his colleagues bargained and offered their votes to President Muhammadu Buhari, but only Rivers State refused, sending all of its votes to the PDP. These people, according to governor Wike, are now speaking as though they love the PDP more.

This (federal) government fought us, but we survived it. Most of them who are talking now, if this federal government had descended on them, most of them would have crumbled. They were going to negotiate with Buhari in 2019, that was how Buhari won election. They came to me, I said no negotiation, PDP must win.” – he said.

The governor admitted that a few of his close friends and family members had voiced fear for his safety, but he had encouraged them not to worry since God was on his side.

Some people tell me be careful, they will kill you. Kill who? who told you will not die first before you reach me. So those of you who are panicking, you don’t need to panic. If you have God, what are you afraid of? They’ve chased us, they’ve fought us but today we are standing strong.” – Wike noted

In addition, Governor Wike explained why he was prepared to deal with those who sought to contest his electoral credibility.

The governor claimed that God had given him the authority and resources necessary to serve the people of Rivers and that he would not leave what he would do in God’s hands.

Governor Wike applauded Rivers State University for deciding against participating in the lengthy industrial action by the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), which lacks any justification.Rivers votes are not for dash anymore - Wike to PDP Presidential Candidates

Thank God our university did not join the strike because there’s no basis for them to join the strike. Why did I said so? You will recollect sometimes ago when lecturers were sacked in the university, when the school was shutdown by the previous administration, ASUU never went on strike in sympathy of our university.” – he said.

He added;

And so, I told the university, I am not here as father Christmas. If you have your problem face the government and solve your problem. If any other state have problem, they should solve their own problem. Our students cannot suffer because one university somewhere is not being paid. When we had our own problem, nobody came to sympathise with us.”

Governor Wike commented on the project and stated that it is yet another promise kept to the Etche people and will undoubtedly spur local economic growth.

According to Governor Wike, the staff quarters would be finished in the following six months.

In order to guarantee security for the campus, he instructed Dr. Obinna Anyanwu, chairman of the Etche Council, to build a police station near the RSU Etche Campus within the next three months as part of his commitment.


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