Checkout list of items man was forced to provide after death of his Landlord

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Its early days of 2022, and it appears that funerals in Nigeria may soon become a lucrative business, as a man has been forced to provide certain items in order to pay last respects to his late Landlord.

Following the death of his landlord, one Oge Kings took to social media to share a list of stuff he was required to provide by the deceased’s family members.

Oge Kings, who couldn’t hide his dissatisfaction, explained that his landlord had recently passed away and that his son had written a list of items that he needed to present to the deceased as his tenant for burial rituals.

You never see anything sef . My landlord just died and his son wrote a list of items that I will give to him as his tenant for his burial rites,” he wrote.

Meanwhile, the content of the letter sent to Oge Kings reads;

I am directed to inform you and invite you on 27th February, 2022, about the death of your Landiord Mr. Ugochukwu Okezie (Late)

The burial has been fixed on the 9th March, 2022. So, on the above mentioned date that is 27 February, 2022, you are invited to come by 10:00 “AM” been (Sunday) with the following items and Cash at his Compound,

1. Opening of the table N5,000 with a bottle of Schnap

2. Wine for Speech N5,000 with a bottle of Schnap

3. One Goat

4. 2 Crates of Maltina

5. 2 Cartons of bear

6. 16 igbo Cola-nut

7. 16 Alligator

8. And Cash of one hundred thousand (N100,000)

Thanks for your Cooperation and Understanding

Checkout items man was forced to provide after death of his Landlord


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