Man mistakenly cuts off testicles while dreaming about cutting meat

Man mistakenly cut off testicles while dreaming about cutting meat

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A man has found himself in a hospital bed and seriously in need of surgery after accidentally cutting his own testicles off while sleeping.Man mistakenly cuts off testicles while dreaming about cutting meat

As ridiculous as it may sound, the Ghanaian farmer – Kofi Atta, popularly known as Wofa Atta, claimed to have picked up a knife while dozing off in a chair and fantasizing about butchering meat.

The 47-year-old man admitted that he accidentally chopped off his testicle while he was sleeping.

The farmer from Assin Akomfede asked for help while still in a dreamlike condition, and when two neighbors arrived, they discovered him home alone and bloodied.

His neighbors quickly rushed him St. Francis Xavier hospital in Assin Fosu, where he was received him right away and admitted.

Kofi Atta, who narrated his ordeal to BBC Pidgin said;

I was sitting in my chair when I dozed off. In my sleep, I dreamt that I was cutting some meat in front of me. I don’t remember how I picked up the knife, even I am confused.”

When his neighbors showed over, he stated that although he got up and felt a strong pain in his genitals, he was still confused of what had occurred.

Possibly as a result of the blood loss, Kofi only awoke from his dreams while being treated in a hospital. At that point, he realized he had actually been slicing his own testicles rather than meat for a family lunch.

Adwoa Konadu, the victim’s wife, revealed that her husband had engaged in such behavior while sleeping before the most recent occurrence.

She claimed that he frequently moves, talks, and argues while he is sleeping. In one of these incidents, Wofa Atta ended up injuring his genitalia.


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