PDP National Chairman must come to South says Chief Olabode George

PDP National Chairman must come to South says Chief Olabode George
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Chief Olabode George, a former deputy national chairman of the PDP for the South West, has asserted that the national chairman of the PDP must be chosen before the general election campaign in 2023 can get underway.PDP National Chairman must come to South says Chief Olabode George

Chief Olabode George made this statement on Thursday at the inauguration of the Omerelu internal roads in the Ikwerre Local Government Area of Rivers state.

He claimed that having people from one region of the country hold the posts of presidential candidate, national chairman, and chairman of the board of trustees goes against PDP norms and tradition.

Party members from the south are already feeling alienated. PDP is not a private company. So, before we start the presidential campaign at the end of this month, the National Chairman must go to the south. That is what Governor Wike is saying and as a life member of the Board of Trustees of our party, support this position 100 percent.” – he said.

Chief Olabode George added that;

Statutorily, it is the National Chairman who hands over the party’s flag to our presidential candidate. How will party members from the South feel when they see that at all political rallies Southerners have no public political representation.”

According to Chief George, this is a fundamental fault and a lack of inclusion that will be completely at odds with the original ideas of the PDP’s founders.

He pleaded for party members to work together to ensure that the PDP takes back control of the Presidential villa in Abuja by May 29, 2023.

But we can only go back to Aso Rock if we are united and not divided. Some people are abusing Governor Wike, he is a trouble shooter. Those abusing him, as an elder and as a father in this party, I am directing them, they must stop immediately.” – he said.

He further stressed;

Because Governor Wike is only fighting for injustice, for equity, for fairness in our party. He is not only a strong pillar in this party, but a mobiliser, a financier and an actualizer. Since he joined the PDP, he has not left this party. Am also in a founding father of the party and since 1998 I have not left this party.


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