We Are Not Fighting Anybody – Governor Fubara Declares

We Are Not Fighting Anybody - Governor Fubara Declares
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Governor Siminalayi Fubara of Rivers State emphasizes his administration’s dedication to serving the people and safeguarding the state’s interests rather than engaging in conflicts, adding that he’s not fighting anybody.

We Are Not Fighting Anybody - Governor Fubara Declares

He reiterated this commitment while launching a monumental project of constructing 20,000 housing units for low-income earners along the Obiri-Ikwerre-International Airport road, Hitvibz reports.

Governor Fubara emphasized that their governance primarily aims to cater to the needs of the populace, especially the underprivileged, steering away from favoring the elite.

He highlighted that this project marks the inception of a new era in serving the people of Rivers State.

For our people, I want to assure you, our government has nothing to do with fighting anybody. Our governance is to take care of and defend our people. I can assure you here, that this is the beginning of our service to the people of Rivers State,” he said.

Governor Fubara underscored the administration’s commitment to transparency and fairness in the allocation process, assuring that it won’t be influenced by personal interests but solely directed towards aiding those in need.

Governor Fubara heralded the state as a fertile ground for investment, assuring safety and security to prospective investors.

He attributed the success of this housing initiative to the government’s open-door policy, inviting external investments to augment the state’s development.

Acting Administrator Aaron Obelley of the New City Development Authority disclosed that the 20,000 housing units will occupy 1000 hectares of land, with the first phase covering 100 hectares.

He emphasized that this venture aims to create an inclusive community by providing affordable housing options.

The Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of TAF Africa Global elaborated on the project’s nature, highlighting it as Africa’s largest housing initiative through a public-private partnership.

He reassured that the Rivers State government wouldn’t bear any financial burden for this project and pledged diligent efforts to expedite construction while fostering economic opportunities for the locals.

Governor Fubara’s vision and the collaborative efforts of various entities signify a monumental step towards uplifting the people of Rivers State and fostering a thriving, inclusive society through accessible housing and economic progress.

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