Subsidy Removal: Sim Fubara to roll out transport palliative in Rivers

Subsidy Removal: Sim Fubara to roll out transport palliative in Rivers
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Transport palliative – The Governor of Rivers State, Sir Siminalayi Fubara, announced that the government is taking steps to introduce measures to alleviate the high transportation costs resulting from the removal of petrol subsidy.Subsidy Removal: Sim Fubara to roll out transport palliative in Rivers

During a visit by the leadership of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) to the Government House in Port Harcourt, Governor Fubara stated that the Ministry of Transport is being engaged to introduce buses that will help reduce transportation expenses for the people.

He assured the workers and residents of Rivers State that although the effects of the subsidy removal are temporary, relief will be provided in due course through Transport palliative.

The governor said;

Rivers State is one of the states that have implemented the new salary structure, the state is in full practice of the new salary scale, the issue of pension and gratuity are ongoing, the records are there, the issue of employment is also ongoing, we are fulfilling our part of the bargain to take care of the workers”.

The governor also highlighted the state’s commitment to implementing the new salary structure, addressing pension and gratuity issues, and creating employment opportunities.

Additionally, he emphasized ongoing efforts to improve the working conditions at the Rivers State Secretariat Complex by addressing challenges related to water supply, security, power supply, and other essential services.

Governor Fubara called for a harmonious relationship between the organized labor and the government and urged the NLC leadership to adopt peaceful dialogue and constructive engagement to contribute to the state’s progress.

It’s very important for labour to have a good relationship with any administration, labour can’t work in isolation; it’s important for the present leadership of NLC in Rivers State to work with our government,” he said.

He pledged his support for the union and expressed his willingness to consider rehabilitating their office as requested.

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